Business cooperation

Bitcoin KOL continuously releases the latest news and information in the cryptocurrency field. We are still in the initial stage. Since the launch of the website, our user traffic has experienced an explosive growth. We believe that we will become a gathering place of opinion leaders in the cryptocurrency field in the future. This trend continues to grow as we continually reassess our digital marketing verticals. Therefore, our website is open to a series of advertisements related to different cryptocurrencies. We can provide banner ads, sponsored posts/interviews, press releases, and other collateral agreements at the place of your choice.

At present, Bitcoin KOL is open to guest bloggers. If you have various views on cryptocurrencies, and if you continue to pay attention to the latest developments of a currency, and have your own opinions, you are welcome to contribute to us, and we will release them to the general audience according to the quality of the article.

Note: We will not accept any false information advertisement or official guest blog of deceptive projects.

If you would like to ask about potential partnerships, please email: