Talk about the hot topics : XEM mode currency and Aptos public chain

I haven’t kept a diary for many days, and I haven’t paid too much attention to the market recently. There are few hot spots.

Although it is a bear market, there are still hot spots to play in the market. Although there is not too much participation, there is also a concern to understand the development of this industry.

For example, the previous XEM model coins and fire coins were acquired by Justin Sun, and the recent Aptos public chain was launched online. Let me give you my opinion.

XEM has not been popular recently. In addition to making money on the day when it was launched and getting good profits early, it will become less profitable in the future.

The token model is relatively new and innovative. Whether it can be used in the future remains to be verified, and it is possible to succeed in the future.

Personally, I think it will take a long time. If we can really get up later, it may take a few years or the next bull market. Those who want to buy coins will probably end up in failure.

The best suggestion is to take a few wallets to participate, and each public chain will engage in a few wallets to pledge for a long time, so as to blog a lottery ticket.

It should be noted that the unlocking time should be paid attention to, and the first time to get it, otherwise the unlocking will forget to get it, and the tokens will also be deducted.

I just put a few wallets there and left them alone. Zeroing is a waste of some GAS fees at most. The cost can be ignored. Let’s wait and see.

Justin Sun acquisition of Huo Coin is also a hot spot in the industry at present, and HT token is also in the rising channel.

I was hurt by HT. I didn’t sell at the high point and cut meat at the low point. In addition, Sun cut has a bad reputation in the industry. I have always been a wait-and-see and don’t plan to participate.

However, Justin Sun’s ability to create hot spots is still strong, and it is possible to compete with OK Exchange, depending on the future development.

There is a rumor that Huo Coin is going to restart the IDO market, and it is also going to do a new public chain. It is estimated that there will be actions in the future, so you can pay attention to them and participate in them when there are arbitrage opportunities.

If conditions permit, you can register more fire currency accounts. After authentication, you can participate in the activities of the exchange. At present, fire currency is also free of domestic restrictions, and can be used normally without authentication. However, you should not participate in new activities later.

The biggest hot spot in the near future is the launch of the Aptos public chain, and the air drop has also made a wave of people rich. The wool of at least thousands of dollars per number is still relatively comfortable.

I didn’t do it. I missed it. The main thing was that it was too hot ahead. I felt that I didn’t participate without any chance. The result was quite unexpected.

In the future, we should try our best to participate in good projects, especially those with large investment. We would rather do it in vain than miss it, especially for the hot projects. And this kind of project has no cost, so we can just set up a test network.

Unlike several public chains on the second floor that do not issue coins, they all need to be paid at a cost. They may also issue coins at a later rate. If they are done in batches, the cost will also be high. We should do it according to our ability.

Recently, the Aptos public chain project has been gradually deployed and launched. You can pay attention to whether there are opportunities. There are no hot spots in the market at present. You may continue to hype the public chain and participate in small amount.

In addition, we talked about the recent positions and the projects we played. In terms of positions, we mainly focused on the big cake and the ether. We continued to lie flat and wait for the big market to emerge.

Since the decline this year, there has been no decent rebound, and there is still a chance to go out of the market in the future.

I’m still optimistic about the future trend. It’s not clear how long it will last, but there will be a market sooner or later. Please wait patiently.

The World Cup has stopped a lot recently. It has been falling all the time and there is no hype. It is less than a month since the beginning of the World Cup. It is likely that there will be a market around the beginning of the World Cup.

I have been holding my position and lost all of my profits. I will see if there is any chance next month. I am optimistic about the hype space of this section when I layout this section. If there is no FOMO, I will hold it and wait.

I think there will be a wave of market sooner or later. If there is no market, accept the reality and cut the meat to stop loss. Then we can learn from the experience. It is too early to sell now.

Another participating project is SHIT. The current project feels that it is in a mess, and the planning of the project party has been changing all the time. It is much slower.

Recently, the project owner has just made a batch of new pictures to see if it can take the opportunity to get them started. At present, he does not plan to buy any more. He hopes that the project owner can show his ability to do things before, and work on the project. Let me get back on my feet. I hope it can be done later.

Others are small funds playing with some projects, such as WLKN, Porkers, registered several and BAB function variable names on RACA, and it doesn’t hurt to lose.

The counterfeit currency is inherently risky and cannot be played with large funds, especially the hot spots planned in advance. It is also highly uncertain. When buying counterfeit currency, you should have a good buying and selling strategy and accept losses.

Finally, I would like to talk about the promising opportunities in the future. One is Ethereum, the leader of the public chain. The front hype is basically good for the implementation of the upgrade, while the back hype may be good for the deflation. After all, this is also a very big narrative, which is stronger than the big cake production reduction, and still has a very good opportunity.

In addition, the two-layer public chain may be launched and issued tokens in the future, which may ignite the speculation opportunities of the two-layer public chain. At that time, both Ethereum and the tokens related to the two-layer public chain will have a good opportunity to rise.

There is also the pledge section. Cross chain sections may be driven to hype in turn. At that time, you can focus on them. These opportunities may happen soon as Ethereum and the two-level narrative unfold.

In addition, the WEB 3.0 section, especially the WEB 3.0 identity section, such as the function variable name system and the BAB soul token, is likely to be hyped, and related tokens will erupt. You can pay more attention to it.

Of course, this is just my own opinion, not necessarily right. I still need to combine my own understanding to judge and earn my own cognitive money.

I am very optimistic about the opportunities of these forums. Later, I will focus on the narrative and progress of these forums, lay out relevant tokens, and share with you when I get involved.


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