How is the future of gamechain project Sparkadia on the Worldspark Studios?

In the last article, I introduced the project sequence of Coinlist’s 2022 autumn batch after five months of silence. The previous article introduced the Capx token distribution platform.Today, Sparkadia, a Game chain project developed by Worldspark Studios, is on the list. Worldspark Studios is an AAA level game studio. Its unique vision is to make the world brighter through immersive experience, make the audience optimistic, and let everyone find and use their inner spark. The team is building Sparkadia, which is an interconnected ecosystem composed of AAA level games. Starting from their first game “Edembrawl”, the game is gathered by a central hub world. Players can jump between each game to see the characters and stories lifelike.

The project is intended to build a new “game ecosystem”, which starts from the most central social platform, shuttles back and forth between various games, and finally immerses players in the miracle stories that run through the game universe.Worldspark Studios Official website(

被Coinlist選中的元宇宙“街機廳”Worldspark Studios究竟有何魔力?

Project Introduction

In fact, Sparkadia is not a separate chain game project, but a central hub and launch platform connecting all future games of Worldspark Studios.

Before playing, players need to log in to the virtual space and play other games in the ecosystem.

To some extent, this is like a “meta universe arcade hall” on the chain.

But Sparkadia is more than that. Players can freely choose their identity in this virtual space, experience the internal operation of the city as citizens, interact with other players, establish a bond of common interest among friends, show off your trophies and achievements, or show off your newly acquired rare equipment at the top of the city.

When we finish a game/campaign/game session in any Worldspark Studios game, we will return to the Sparkadia interface. We can adjust our avatar, check the trophies, or send friendly expressions and “GGs” to the players we just met in the game.

Arcade hall in virtual world

In fact, Sparkadia is specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience. In addition to certain limitations on the image quality and gameability of many current meta universe projects, more problems are reflected in that most players enter the meta universe just to experience the “meta universe”. In essence, the meta universe is not their just need.

Sparkadia solved this problem with a simple concept – regarding the meta universe as a starting point rather than an end point.

The reason for entering Sparkadia is not to experience virtual space, but to play games. Although the concept of the meta universe itself is very attractive, when the meta universe is related to your favorite games, familiar characters and stories, the fun of this experience will be greatly amplified. In a sense, Sparkadia is more like a chain street machine hall.

Players’ meta universe experience will start from starting Sparkadia. They will run around the virtual arcade hall, socialize, eat pizza, and more importantly, prepare for the upcoming game.

When friends log in, they can play any game in the ecosystem together. All game playing methods in Sparkadia will be accumulated and rewarded on the Worldpark account, including raffle tickets, achievements, collectibles, offline items, personalized avatar items, etc. When the game is over, the player will return to the virtual world again, take a rest or continue to fight, or boast of the wonderful operation he has just played.

Team and financing

The Worldspark Studios behind Sparkadia was officially established in early 2022. The team members come from well-known game manufacturers such as Riot, Bungie and Blizzard. These people have made significant contributions to games such as League of Heroes, Valorant, Fortnite, Storm Hero, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Watch Vanguard, etc. The team raised $3 million in seed round financing in December last year, led by Animoca Brands and Shima Capital.

At the same time, the team has also maintained a good cooperative relationship with the partners of traditional big factories such as SixMoreVodka, Superseed Studios, etc., and cooperated in IP, video production, animation and art support.

Project comments

Unlike Sandbox, Decentraland and other game oriented Metaverse, Sparkadia is more like the visualization of Steam community in the traditional sense – it uses the launcher as the actual function and adds other play methods such as social interaction to promote users to have a real sense of belonging to the platform.

However, the premise of this vision is that the game quality in the starter list is good enough, otherwise, the vision of building a virtual arcade hall will be difficult to achieve.

How will Sparkadia develop in the future? To be sure, the former.


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