Goo Coin, Art Gobblers new NFT issuing platform

At the end of this month (October 31), a project that has attracted more attention in the circle will be sold:Art Gobbler( )。

The reason why this project has attracted more attention is that it is a project jointly initiated by Paradigm, a top venture capital in the industry.

This project is simply an NFT distribution platform, specially designed and developed for artists to distribute their own NFT. On the platform of this project, artists can use the tools provided by the platform to draw their own NFT by hand and store the NFT in the chain.

However, providing NFT design and generation tools is not the biggest highlight of this project. Its biggest highlight is the hope to improve the issuance mechanism of NFT: mainly to avoid unreasonable selling prices, avoid the soaring gas costs caused by the rush of buyers and all kinds of unfairness in the NFT sales process.

Goo幣是什麼? 數字藝術實驗Art Gobblers:Goo模型實踐者

The Art Gobbler project has three elements: Gobbler (ordinary version and legendary version), Blank Page and Goo token.

Gobbler is the NFT of the system, which is ERC-1155 token of Ethereum. The total number is 10000, of which 2000 are initially sold, 300 of which belong to the project party, and the remaining 1700 are publicly sold, all free of charge. The remaining 8000 will be sold step by step in the next 10 years according to the curve selling mechanism designed by the project side — about 200 per month, and then gradually decrease.

It is worth noting that 1000 of the 10000 Gobblers are Legendary Gobblers, which will be sold through channels similar to the Dutch auction.

Goo token is equivalent to the currency in this system and has its own use. It is the standard Ethereum ERC-20 token. Its circulation is unlimited. Its issuing mechanism is generated by the Gobbler’s holders by mortgaging their own Gobblers.

It should be noted here that if a Gobbler holder also holds the Goo token itself, when he mortgages Gobbler to generate the Goo token, the production speed will be faster.

In addition, the speed of the Goo token generated by the legendary Gobbler mortgage is twice that of the ordinary Gobbler mortgage.

Blank Page is also a “consumable” in this system. In this system, artists need to create their own NFT works on the Blank Page. And Blank Page needs to consume Goo token to generate.

Blank Page is also sold through a channel similar to the Dutch auction. The daily sales volume is about 69, and then gradually decreases to 10. The distribution of Blank Page is also unlimited.

Looking at the design of the whole system, Gobbler is equivalent to an “engine”, which continuously generates Goo tokens required by the system. Goo token is a consumable, and artists need to use it to generate another consumable “Blank Page”. Both Goo tokens and Blank Pages are consumables, but their issuance has no upper limit; Although there is no upper limit, their issuance mechanism is constrained to some extent. The project side hopes to avoid monopoly and selling pressure.

As far as the project itself is concerned, it has quite a background. So far, the projects directly participated by top venture capital are rare in the circle. From the perspective of mechanism, its design is also quite sophisticated, hoping to solve various problems arising from the NFT sales process. The most fundamental or beneficial channel to participate in this project is to participate in the activities on October 31.

But what is the future of the project?

I think the following questions are worth thinking about:

First, the project is designed for NFT artists to design the only NFT artwork. Is the potential users and market of such projects a field that can accommodate enough users and generate enough scenarios?

Second, the project provides artists with a unified platform, which simplifies the steps of NFT development, but also erases the characteristics of NFT project initiation. As the project owner said, it is an NFT factory.

The purpose of the factory is batch manufacturing. Remember, will NFT projects that pursue characteristics and hope to form their own communities use this platform?

After all, from the current situation, most top NFTs have their own distribution platforms, characteristics and communities. If the “factory” does not meet the needs of the broad community, what will its market prospects be?

Of course, the question I raised above is not to deny the project, but to think about it from different perspectives.

For any innovative project, I think we should take two attitudes at the same time:

First, fully affirm its innovation, vigorously appreciate its innovation, and fully give the project enough imagination space.

The second is to try to challenge its innovation, carefully examine its innovation, and keep these doubts and challenges in mind. When the project is tested by the market, it constantly examines the project itself, and constantly revises its own thinking.

Mr. Hu Shizhi said: Make bold assumptions and be careful to verify. It is most suitable for the review of the project.


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