What kind of product is Papyrs?

Papyrs is a web3 blog platform. It is open source, privacy first, and 100% exists in the IC chain.

What was the inspiration for building Papyrs?

The author is developing a 1-hour proof of concept to take notes and save them on a blockchain. One thing leads to another. Finally, based on this work, a blog platform was launched.


What functions does PapyrsApp currently implement?

Users can write and share blog posts on Papyrs. It is interconnected with Unsplash and Tenor, and can easily embed images and gifs into posts. For developers, it also embeds the monaco editor excalidraw, making it possible to write amazing technical articles.

It is also worth noting that every user of Papyrs will get a Canister type smart contract. So every blog space is very personalized. It is not a central Canister containing all data, but each user has his/her own field – everyone can have his/her own article data Canister.

https://6zvwc-sqaaa-aaaal-aalma-cai.raw.ic0.app/Mike :

What is the current development stage of Papyrs?

At present, it runs on the main network and can be used by anyone.

Papyrs Official website: https://papy.rs/


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