SQR Coin official website,follow the latest official news of SQR currencySQR Coin official website,

SQR coin is a top-level project Magic Square token in which Binance Labs participated in the seed round of 3 million dollars. Get the latest official news of SQR coin, follow the official website and social account of SQR coin:

SQR coin official website: https://magicsquare.io/

SQR Coin Twitter: twitter.com/MagicSquare

SQR coin telegram Contact @magicsquare_ official

Project description

Magic Square is the world’s first Web3 solution to simplify encryption. It conceptualizes the beauty of the App Store through the built-in DAO mechanism, so as to create a highly secure and accessible environment for all dApps, CeDeFi, NFT, games, etc. in one place.

Magic Square is a unified, integrated and interoperable space for users to discover and experience cryptocurrency applications audited by the community, and for cryptocurrency application developers to market and profit from their best applications.

Maaic Sauare is a multifaceted system, covering all the user experience bases. Maaic Store guides users to discover the highest quality cryptocurrency application with built-in integrated DeFi. Users log in to all their applications through an SSI secure Magic Connect and enter their personalized Magic Spaces: the beginning and end of the experience of cryptocurrency applications. Users and developers discuss and cooperate in a dedicated Maaic community space.


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