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The full English name of RVN coin is Ravencoin, which is an experimental digital currency that can be instantly paid to anyone anywhere in the world. Raven uses peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority: managing transactions and issuing funds are jointly executed by the network. Raven Core is the name of open source software that can use this currency. Ravencoin is a digital peer-to-peer network, which aims to use a specific blockchain to effectively handle a specific function: transferring assets from one party to the other. Based on the branch of Bitcoin code, Ravencoin was released on January 3, 2018. It is a real open source project (no ICO or master node). It focuses on building a useful technology and a strong and growing community.

RVN Coin official website https://ravencoin.org/

  1. The characteristics of this project are simple and clear, but compared with the whole digital currency market, there is no innovation and no advantage to replace other projects.
  2. The relatively decentralized operation with no special demand for use means that its value needs to be supported by consensus. How many people are willing to buy and dig without absolute advantages, which means that the consensus in this regard may be very weak. The trading volume of the online currency is almost zero before its launch. Now the online currency is safe and rising, which will drive some FOMO emotions. Once it is not sustainable, it will go back where it should go.
  3. From the early days of Bitcoin to the present, this kind of community currency has always appeared, but mostly in foreign countries. Due to the lack of marketing, there are few domestic players. The currency circle belongs to the minority, which is the minority of the minority. The above two points mentioned the problems I feel, but I don’t want to do too much negative, just to pay attention to risks.

Some views on RVN coins: because some people have made money on such projects, even a small number of people will recognize that there are special mining circles, and they may even live longer than those with corporate operations. However, from the perspective of investment, this kind of general volatility is relatively large. A super small number means that there is not enough liquidity. Therefore, you should not only focus on the price, but also be careful to choose, and do not participate in those who do not understand.


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