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Snm coin is the abbreviation of the token of the sonm project; SONM is a global supercomputer with decentralized computing power, which will replace the current mainstream traditional digital currency mining pipeline based on hash values. The purpose of SONM project is to provide a safe and cost-effective pipeline to be put into use in the free market, running in the field of general purpose computing, from game servers to scientific computing! Basic scientific computing that constantly requires a lot of computing power can be easily run in SONM, including social statistics, climate prediction, bioinformatics, aerodynamic computing, drug development, modeling, and meteor trajectory modeling.Follow the official SNM coin website to see the latest official news:

SNM coin official website

A detailed introduction to the sonm project

SONM is a decentralized global fog supercomputer, which can be used for a variety of general purposes, from website servers to scientific computing. SONM is an effective way to solve global problems – to create a multi-purpose decentralized computing power market. Unlike a wide range of centralized cloud computing services, the SONM project implements an atomized computing structure – a decentralized device pool, all of which are connected to the Internet (the Internet of Things).

As an important part of the available computing resources in the world, the Internet of Things is one of the key work directions of the SONM project.


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