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The full English name of PHB currency is Phoenix Global (new), which focuses on blockchain support of the real economy. The platform aims to use blockchain technology to release the value of real world assets, such as data, alternative assets and other intangible asset categories. The supply of PHB will increase at an annual rate of 10% over time.

PHB coin official website

Project introduction:

Phoenix Global is designed for enterprises and considers consumers. Rapid development and deployment of decentralized consumer applications built to scale and suitable for existing customer experiences.

PHB coin is the BEP-2 native functional token of the platform, which is used to pay for all services in the Phoenix Global ecosystem. PHX is the NEP-5 native functional token on the NEO blockchain. PHB and PHX can be exchanged 1:1. To unlock 1PHX tokens, you need to lock 1PHB tokens, and vice versa.

Phoenix Global is the result of the merger of Red Pulse and APEX Network in November 2020.


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