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Ambrosus (token: AMB currency) network is a blockchain based ecosystem designed for the supply chain, tracking and ensuring the origin, quality, standardization and proper handling of goods in the network. Ambrosus mainly focuses on improving the supply chain of necessities, especially food and medicine. At the same time, the agreement can also be applied to almost all complex supply chains.The real official website that follows AMB coins can get the latest official news:

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Ambrosus is a Swiss project, which combines high-tech sensors, blockchain agreements and smart contracts to build the world’s first globally certified, community led ecosystem to ensure the quality, safety and source of products.

Its traceability solution is to integrate software and hardware. Compared with software, hardware will have a longer R&D cost, development difficulty and time cycle, which will slow down the implementation of its project. The combination of software and hardware solutions may have the problem of high use cost in the promotion. Compared with the traditional traceability solutions, it is not conducive to the early promotion of the project. However, there is a broad prospect for the use of medicines, high-end products, maternal and infant products, wines and other products with high requirements for brand, traceability and safety. At the same time, with the expansion of the market scale after the project is launched, the cost will gradually reduce after the formation of economies of scale.


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