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As we all know, after the collapse of Terra Luna, its founder Do Kwon proposed a plan to restore the ecosystem, and Terra 2.0 was born. The plan effectively generated a new layer-1 Terra blockchain (LUNA) without a stable currency, and the old blockchain is now called Terra Classic (LUNC). Luna, who has been absent from the currency circle for a long time in the past two days, has returned to the people’s view. It can be said that Luna has revived, and there has also been a surge. However, there are a lot of rumors on the Internet at present, and it is unclear which is true and which is false. Analyze the reasons behind Luna’s recent surge, and whether we can catch up with the high price at present. Follow the official Lunc coin website to get the latest news:

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First of all, let me remind you that this article is only for information sharing, not investment advice. Cryptocurrency itself is extremely risky. The risk of LUNC project is even higher. It is a fighter plane at risk. Three sisters in Terra ecology:

Everyone is familiar with the origin of ETH and ETC. In that year, more than 60 million dollars of ETH were stolen. At that time, hackers did not use these coins. In order to prevent hackers from succeeding, the V God team made a hard fork, found the stolen coins, and announced that ETH after the hard fork was the real ETH. The coins before the fork did not count. As a result, the “old version” of ether coins dug up by the miners on the old chain are almost worthless.

At that time, most miners switched to the new chain, and the old chain died out automatically (because there was no consensus). However, the hard bifurcation of Ethereum is different this time. Some people firmly believe in the old chain. Some miners still maintain the old chain, so the old chain can survive. In order to distinguish from the new ETH, the old currency code is ETC (Ethereum Classic).

Back to LUNA and LUNC, although the reasons and processes are different, the outcomes are very similar. Does that mean LUNA is the next Ethereum? The statement does not think that after Luna’s death spiral, his mechanism has also been dug out. The statement will not be repeated here. This time, the terra team put Luna aside, renamed it Lunc, and created a cash cow, Luna.

Conclusion: The statement does not believe that Terra bifurcation will bring any value to Luna Public Chain. The new Luna and Lunc are like a joke in the currency circle, just as Musk wants to buy Coca Cola and add cocaine again!


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