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VIB coin is a viberate token, a platform that integrates the entire live music ecosystem. At present, viberate plays the role of “Internet Movie Database” of live music, which ranks singers according to their popularity on the Internet. The database is created and managed by viberate’s user community.

VIB Coin

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VIB official website, follow to get the latest official news

Viberate’s core business has been decentralized. Its database is open to the public, and anyone can add new singers.

The high degree of decentralization enables viberate to grasp the rapidly changing trend of the music industry in a timely manner. Using blockchain technology to crowdsource the management of singers, performance venues and performance activity data is the only feasible way to keep the database up to date and with reference value. The total amount of VIB is 200 million, the circulation is 168 million, and the famous exchanges such as Jin’an, okex and bitrex have been launched. It can be said that the strength is relatively strong. The current price is twice that of the crowdfunding, and there is no great performance. However, the dream fungus has recently observed that a large amount of capital has been flowing in in the near future, which makes it very imaginative. The chips are not concentrated at present, and whether it is the banker is not ready yet!


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