ICP coin official website

What is ICP? The full English name of ICP coin is Dfinity, the issue date is July 1, 2019, the crowdfunding price (ICP issue price) is $1.9, and the issue supply is 469213710 ICP. Dfinity is an Internet computer based on blockchain. ICP (formerly known as DFN) is the original token of Dfinity, which directly issued 469213710 pieces after going online.

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ICP coin official website

ICP tokens are mainly used for two purposes: as governance tokens, ICP holders can lock them in the governance system and vote on proposals. Participation in governance can be rewarded. As the compensation for the operation of public account books in the data center, or the reward for generating blocks, it is also paid by ICP. Application token, payment of handling fee. In the ICP ecosystem, running a smart contract (or container) requires a service charge (cycle). Different from Ethereum, the ICP fee is fixed and will not fluctuate with the price of ICP tokens.

Characteristics of ICP coin (Dfinity) project

  1. DFINITY can build various applications.

The container on DFINITY is always in the startup state. The program can be actively triggered through the communication protocol. Compared with smart contracts requiring external triggering, the initial setting of DFINITY is more flexible.

  1. DFINITY can achieve seamless connection.

On DFINITY, developers can directly build programs and applications on the Internet ontology without cloud services, databases or payment interfaces. Because developers do not need to consider many intermediary software, they can build applications seamlessly.

  1. DFINITY has strong efficiency advantages.

When the application on DFINITY needs to expand its performance, the original container can create a new container or fork itself. Each additional container will increase the overall memory capacity. When the number of containers is increased, the overall update and query call throughput will also be increased. This is called infinite effectiveness. In addition, although there is only one execution thread for updating containers, DFINITY allows applications to execute many containers in parallel. This is because in DFINITY, different containers have different functions. One application involves multiple containers. Some containers may be data containers, and some may be trust containers. Containers call each other, and they do not affect each other when updating applications.

  1. DFINITY simplifies the technology stack and is highly inclusive.

After DFINITY effectively solved the reliability and security of Internet programming, many intermediary software are no longer necessary, and the development difficulty is effectively reduced by simplifying the traditional technology stack. The two main languages used for development on DFINITY are Rust and Motoko. According to the official introduction, DFINITY will support all development languages in the future, such as C and Rust.


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