IMX Coin official website

IMX coin is Immutable X token, which is a second layer expansion solution for NFT on Ethereum. It was founded by the startup company behind the transaction card game of Ethereum. The characteristics of this project are real-time transaction, large-scale scalability and zero gas cost of coinage and transaction. On the basis of maintaining these characteristics, the security of user assets will not be invisible. IMX coin is a practical token of the project. It is created to reward ImmutableX network activities. It plays a very important role in transactions, liquidity provision and building applications.

IMX Coin

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IMX Coin official website

Immutable X announced that it has established a partnership with Param Labs to support their upcoming free Escape game, Kiraverse. Players can compete and explore in an extremely user-friendly interface, making it easy for many players to experience the game from web2 to web3.


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