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The full English name of ShiB is SHIBA INU, and the digital currency code is SHIB. Shit coin can be said to be an experiment in the construction of a decentralized community. It is a meme token very similar to dog coin, and it is the original token of SHIBA INU platform. When the currency was first established, some famous people in the telegraph industry also set up a leading group to better distribute skills in the community and promote the development of SHIB currency. For SHIB, the SHIB community has always been the core of the project.

ShiB coin official website
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The highest price of SHIB currency in history was US $0.000037. The initial price of SHIB currency was US $0.000000000001, which was up ten million times.

  1. SHIB is a decentralized and spontaneous community building experiment.
  2. Shib has no destruction mechanism, but after the ecological construction is completed, the amount of shib exchanged will be destroyed every time a dog chain is exchanged, so the amount of shib will be less and less. In retrospect, the project party believes that Shib has a chance to reach USD 0.1.
  3. I. The highest price of SHIB currency in history is US $0.000037, and the first price is US $0.00000000001, with a maximum increase of 10 million times.
  4. The news that Chaigou Coin is developing its own new distributed exchange is spreading on the market.
  5. According to market news in 2022, the circulation of shib coins is 1000 trillion yuan, which is still a large amount. 50% of the total supply has been locked in Uniswap, and the remaining 50% has been destroyed in the V God address.
  6. Everyone must buy on the open market to ensure fair and complete distribution. The development team does not have any crutches and cannot dump them to the community.


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