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AVAX coins are tokens issued by the Avalanche ,Avalanche agreement can be said to be a public chain artist project. It is based on Avalanche’s innovative consensus, and is launched by the leaders in the blockchain field. Because it solves the pain point that Ethereum is expensive and slow, it is very popular with investors. The AVAX currency also quickly seized the market in 2020, becoming the top 50 digital currency in the world.

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Anyway, since the Avalanche Agreement can integrate Ethereum, it shows that its potential is still great, which also makes more investors want to know what currency is AVAX? Now let’s take a look at the AVAX currency and its investment value and prospect analysis.

AVAX coin official website

What currency is AVAX?

Avalanche (AVAX) project, formerly known as Ava/AVA, is an open source platform for launching highly decentralized applications, new financial primitives and new interoperable blockchains. Using the breakthrough consensus agreement framework, the smart contract platform that can confirm transactions in one second supports all the contents of Ethereum development suite, making it possible for millions of complete block producers.

Avalanche was co founded by Emin G ü n Sirer, a professor at Cornell University and co-founder of IC3, Kevin Sekniqi, a computer scholar, and Ted Yin, the first author of the HotStuff Consensus of the Facebook Libra Agreement. The AVA blockchain platform led by Avalanche is a digital payment and computing platform built by Avalanche based on revolutionary consensus computing.

This consensus enables the distributed ledger to achieve a high degree of decentralization, high concurrency processing and rapid confirmation of transactions, as well as historical record deletion and on chain governance. The core of the AVA blockchain platform is a set of unified and interoperable infrastructure, which enables anyone to establish a blockchain network or issue assets on the blockchain according to their own needs in the AVA ecosystem.

Investment value and prospect analysis of AVAX currency

The Avalanche Avalanche Avalanche agreement, a public chain artist project, is based on Avalanche’s innovative consensus and launched by scientists in the blockchain field, who are second only to Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin. It has solved the pain point of the slow and expensive network of Ethereum. Since 2020, it has made full efforts to seize the market and is rapidly “racing horse enclosure”!

Those who are flexible and able to keep up with the times will not blindly regard virtual currency as a deceptive pyramid scheme, but will treat it scientifically, analyze it carefully and examine its true value.

In May 2015, Cornell University published a paper entitled “From” Snowflake “to” Avalanche “: A New Type of Metastable Consensus Protocol Family”, which quickly aroused repercussions in the market and became a subversive technological innovation comparable to Nakamoto’s PoW mechanism and the Ethereum smart contract. An upgrade is in the pipeline, but it will take at least two years. This gives the avalanche agreement a chance. Moreover, the avalanche agreement has great potential to integrate Ethereum.

Remind everyone that the currency market is high-risk and investment must be cautious. The scientific significance of our research on the avalanche agreement is to figure out the huge role it may play in the application of digital currency. There is no doubt that it is very valuable. In such research, we can also see that the AVAX currency has certain investment value.


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