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BitcoinKOL(Bitcoin Key Opinion Leader),it is a We Media Blog website. Website is: https://bitcoinkol.com/ , founded in 2021, focuses on the exchange of experience in cryptocurrency investment and trading to provide investors with basic information.

Cryptocurrency originated from Bitcoin, namely BTC. In 2016, when I first heard about Bitcoin on the Internet, I was shocked that a string of code was so expensive. What was it. That is to say, in 2017, it officially entered the currency speculation circle.

Many people will ask, will I make a lot of money?

I said I was very upset. Like many ordinary people, I could not hold it. Because of greed to play the futures, increase leverage. So after four years of trouble, we still haven’t made much money. SO, I don’t recommend new people to touch the futures, which will speed up your capital return to zero. In recent years, many people in the currency circle have broken their homes and died because of the breach of futures. If they want to make money, they still stay away from leverage.

I envy those who seize the opportunity. They have achieved wealth freedom. Yes, they have achieved a magnificent turn in life with cryptocurrency. I think it is also related to personality. Ordinary people are ordinary people, and I will admit it. But I am still optimistic about the cryptocurrency industry, so I established this blog. Record your experience in the past few years, as well as some of your own views. I hope these contents can help you.

Some people have been hesitant about the special currency, yes, because it is a new thing. When facing new things, we should not doubt and reject them, but embrace them. The cost of trying is not high.

It is only a matter of time before cryptocurrency and blockchain technology become mainstream in the market. This technology has a positive effect on stimulating a country’s capital, talents, employment, government taxation, industry growth and national influence.

Is Bitcoin endorsed?

The endorsement of Bitcoin is actually the whole blockchain technology, which is bigger than the concept of a single company or country. I often say that Bitcoin is the first stock of the blockchain and the most representative stock.

So Bitcoin, to some extent, represents the value of blockchain, which is also a reason for its madness. Because blockchain is changing the world, many people will recognize the value of bitcoin and become crazy after understanding blockchain. No matter bitcoin or blockchain, it is the idea that will overturn the world, not bitcoin but blockchain, but it is bitcoin that will overturn people’s perception of wealth!

In addition to Bitcoin, what cryptocurrencies are there?

There are many types of cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and BNB, which can be divided into mainstream currencies and other types of currencies. Generally, we can know about it in the exchange, so it involves selecting a reliable trading platform. I recommend the first choice is currency security.

So, when you see this website, you might as well collect it and look at the development of cryptocurrency industry in a few years. I do not strongly suggest that you join the ranks of cryptocurrency investment, but strongly suggest that you pay attention to blockchain technology and future development.

In fact, I have a lot to say about cryptocurrency. This page is about the author’s own experience and understanding of the cryptocurrency industry. I will update this page whenever I have time to improve my experience and expectations.

My aim is to provide users with more valuable content, but also to provide you with a reference for cryptocurrency transactions.